Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It started with a shrieking for 2 nights straight from the neighbors stray cat infested backyard. By 2am on the second night my housemate Taylor couldn't take it anymore and found the tiny abandoned child fallen inside a pile of rubble.  That was 6 weeks ago.

Now there's not just one kitten, but 5. So who wants a kitten?

Being around Althea's 4 brothers and sisters we have come to understand why she might have been abandoned. She is the only one who doesn't seem to get the concept of the litter box and she still won't eat dry food. For example, the other morning I woke up to poopy kitty foot prints on the wall. Now everyday after work Taylor cleans up Althea's mess. She always poops and pees in front of her litter box, never inside, and damn kitty poop smells. This is why I give him wine (definitely not because it means I'm no longer drinking alone).

One night this week called for a Chardonnay I bought from Pine Ridge Vineyards here in Napa. I needed a wine that didn't need food, a wine that went down smooth, a wine that would help us forget what we were about to do; bathe 5 flea infested feral kittens.

I firmly believe wine (in moderation) makes everything better. Not only were the fleas and plethora of scratches all over our hands and forearms almost entertaining, but our friends seemed much keener to help us out with Chardonnay in hand.

Taylor and his new children

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