Monday, February 3, 2014

Cafe Tortoni, 825 Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Aires

For breakfast we went to Cafe Tortoni, which is a must for anyone traveling through Buenos Aires. It is a versatile location, offering something for all. The first floor is a restaurant full of small round marble tables, and artwork. In the back you can play billiards, dominos, and dice. The basement has an additional cafe along with poetry readings, jazz, and tango shows. 

This was the kind of breakfast where you eat for a half an hour, and sit for 3 hours. The small marble tables felt very personal. I ordered hot chocolate with croissants. Traditionally the dish comes with churros but they were out, so croissants it was. The hot cocoa and milk were brought to me separately. I was able to decide how much milk to add to the extremely rich chocolate.

The second time we stopped at the cafe, mis amigos enjoyed coffee with cream. However, the cream came in a cup and was the consistency of warm butter. So, of course, we each tried a spoonful, and it tasted like caramelized vanilla butter. For dessert we ordered chocolate espeso (dense chocolate). It tasted like liquid hot fudge without the extra sugar. It came with a side of hot milk. We also splurged on a chocolate mousse cake, which we poured some of the dense liquid cocoa on. At the end of the meal, we could feel the chocolate racing through our veins. 

Here are some of my instagram photos from this overload in chocolate and dairy:


  1. See? Two weeks in Argentina and you've forgotten all about vegetables! : >

  2. Wow. I could feel the chocolate just reading about it. From your photos. Cafe Tortoni looks like a classic cafe in Paris. I searched it and turns out it was started in 1858 by a Frenchman from Paris and has pretty much stayed the same since. Quite a find.

    1. It really was a nice spot. We would go there to study spanish sometimes.

  3. Sounds amazing, so much chocolate!