Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Vibrant Color of Life in Buenos Aires

Saturday in Buenos Aires is full of life, love, and color.  As we walked from the bus stop to the Recoleta Cemetery, we came across art and food vendors. I think we found where all the fruit in the city is. I had a sausage sandwich with fried egg, and grilled onions and bell peppers. I was impressed with myself for ordering the sandwich with all the proper fixings, despite the language barrier.  What I really wanted to try was one of the candied apples covered in popcorn.

The contrast of the famous Recoleta Cemetery, and the vibrant color outside made me uneasy. I loved the music and fast paced environment of the park, but leaving it behind to reminisce on the dead felt wrong. The entire cemetery was constructed to immortalize life, but through sorrow and pain. The heavy tourist crowd poured in and out of the cemetery, and only by chance did they end up taking part in the colorful celebrations at the park right next door.

I went to a memorial the day before I left the states. Despite how hard we try, death is not something we will ever be able to fully grasp. Even through all the pain, I admired how the loved ones of the deceased decided to celebrate the life lost. The Recoleta Cemetery seemed to be doing the opposite. The walls closed off the cemetery from the vibrant life right outside. Upon entering the sacred ground, life is no longer a celebration.


  1. Alana - this, as usual, is beautiful. Can't wait to see post after Uruguay. BTW - I added another comment to your "orange juice" post of a few days ago.

    1. I got the other comment, sorry for the delay. Uruguay is coming soon!