Monday, January 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes in Buenos Aires

So I have shown you pretty photos along with some sight seeing adventures, but I have not truly shown you what this trip has been like so far. The pictures capture small moments, but so much happens behind the camera. My pictures depend on everything from the lighting, time of day, composition, etc. So what has been happening behind the photos?

1.   I have had a really bad cold all week. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't traveling with friends. My brain is extremely foggy, and I am constantly sneezing or blowing my nose. Several of the days this week have been spent in bed.

2.   Lots of amazing steaks for around 7 US dollars. No vegetables.

3.   In our first hostel dorm room, a guy showed up around midnight, without any possessions. He immediately hopped in the only empty bed, a top bunk, and then fell out of it and onto the floor around 3 or 5am.

4.   I tried to order an empanada 'el chocio', thinking it might be chocolate. After we realized it wasn't, we freaked out it thinking it might be chicken feet, but it ended up just being sweet corn.

5.   While taking the bus in the city, I was the last person getting on, and before I had a chance to get on properly, the driver decided to gun it and close the door on me. I was stuck between the doors, but managed to jump backwards back on to the street, with all limbs attached.

6.   Met a German who is studying in Chile and makes robots that play soccer.


  1. I head a segment on NPR about scientists who are trying to make robots that play soccer. Maybe it was that guy?

    1. Weird, maybe? Its too bad our paths have already diverged.